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A French built masterpiece, the Dassault Falcon 50 was created due the the high demand in long range flights throughout the world. First taking flight in November of 1976, the Falcon 50 brought a revolutionary breakthrough with its use of supercritical wing, giving the aircraft excellence high lift characteristics. Consequently, aircraft with this wing have superior takeoff and land performance, simultaneously providing higher cruising speed, improved fuel efficiency, and a greater flight range.

In April of 1995, Dassault released the Falcon EX bound to replace the Falcon 50. The Falcon 50 EX not only flew faster and higher than the Falcon 50, it’s range increased to over 6,050 km/ 3260 nm at Mach 0.75. Meanwhile, the engine’s also received a significant improvement, three TFE 731-40’s with thrust exceeding 1,680 kg / 3,704 lb each, yet decreasing fuel consumption by 7%.

As of last month, Blackbird Aero has brought a beautiful 1982 Falcon 50 with EX performance to the market. This Falcon has been updated with a Collins Proline 21 suite, TFE731-4-1C engines and 50EX style interior all installed by West Star Aviation. Likewise, the API Winglets drive this Falcon 50 to the performance of an EX model. The interior includes six chairs, a three-place divan, belted aft lavatory, jumpseat and forward galley elegantly made of an attractive beige and tan design.

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