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When considering the purchase of an aircraft, most would assume the number of hours flown throughout a given year should be the deciding factor. However, aircraft ownership should be dependent on the particular use of the aircraft.

Commercial travel is very strenuous and as time goes on, people tend to avoid the inconvenience of commercial flight. Not only does owning a private aircraft extend the comfort of travel exponentially, it allow you to have a personal relationship with the aircraft.

When owning an aircraft, you also have the opportunity to hire pilots which you trust and have a personalized relationship with. Flying on your own aircraft also gives you the comfort of knowing exactly who is on the plane, who has been on the plane, and what is on the plane. A sense of safety is exceptionally important when traveling by yourself or with loved ones.

Owning your own jet gives you the freedom to travel like never before. Private jet ownership allows you to go anywhere, at anytime, whenever you desire.